Aquathin® Reverse Osmosis Deionization KitchenTop or Office

Very convenient, right next to you at home or at work

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Aquathin® Reverse Osmosis the Portabouts

Portable Aquathin Systems, so you can bring it with you and no longer worry about hotel water supply

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Aquathin® MegaChar® Whole House Systems

Pure Water to every Sink and Shower in your house

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Aquathin® Commercial Systems

Proven Reliability, so it used by Hospitals, Cities, Medical Labs, Military, and 1000+ more applications around the Globe

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why choose us?

Aquathin® Customers are our absolute passion for 38 years and many more years to come and what Customers said about us:

Just wanted to let you know that my RO water is currently registering at a lovely 0.01. I wanted to thank you for honoring the promise made last year. Youri (Aquathin South Florida) did a great job, he took his time and explained every thing that was done. Thank you again. SHERRY F. "

"Good Morning,
Just ‘thanks ‘ doesn’t seem adequate. My Aquathin unit is back and finally operating as it was intended. I am so grateful! Youri (Aquathin South Florida) is WONDERFUL!! Are you old enough to remember the Texaco commercials? He’s the “man with the star. “ lol I’m not kidding. Have you ever watched him in action? He is an amazing advertisement for your company, my water now measures a 0.01 Thanks so very much. Have a spectacular weekend! Hugs, Cheryl P. "